Nikolai Shapkun, M.A., M.T.T., C.M.T.
Therapeutic Bodywork Practitioner since 1979
About Nikolai Shapkun

My Story
Therapeutic Bodywork is my passion, my way and my life. I started to study bodywork and massage therapy because of my family. My younger brother was born with a mild form of Cerebral Palsy. During his early childhood my family was on a mission to improve his health condition. My parents were looking for the most effective new therapy methods and rehabilitation. They spent years in order to get it under control, and they succeeded. My brother now is a healthy, strong man. He works as a massage therapist in Russia (Krasnodar) 

Another reason why I started studying Massage and Bodywork was my sports activities and boxing career. I found that massage is the best and fastest way for me and other athletes to recuperate after training and competitions.


After moving to the USA I have continued to practice therapeutic bodywork and massage. I also continued to do boxing and later started Muay Thai (Thai boxing). I even became California champion.


I’m very grateful to my Family, Teachers and Coaches. Because of their support, love and wisdom I became a Therapeutic Bodywork professional and now, I can help you! This is my mission and I believe I’m doing a Great job.


Practice Philosophy and Commitment

  • to accurately identify the source of your pain and then to treat it properly and effectively;
  • to promote health and living life drug-free;  
  • to provide safe environment and excellent customer service.



  • Experienced in Massage and Therapeutic Bodywork for Musculoskeletal and Trauma Rehabilitation since 1979 for children and adults


  • Specialize in Spine and Joints Alignment
  • Back & Joint Mobilization
  • Deep Tissue Work
  • Sports Massage. Experienced in working with professional athletes (National Russian Women Handball Team, National Russian Trampoline Team, Boxing, Wrestling, Tennis, Cycle racing, Ballet dancers etc)
  • Reflexology and Energy Healing.



Companies and organizations I used to work:

  • Center for International Medicine (Oakland, CA); 
  • Lifestyle Management Systems (San Francisco, CA); 
  • Firehaven Chiropractic Office (Bellingham, WA); 

  • Sports club (Russia); 

  • City Hospital - Recuperation Center (Krasnodar, Russia); 

  • Army Hospital (Russia)

  • Ski Resort, Medical Center (Russia)



M.A., C.M.T. Physical Therapy/Sports Medicine; Krasnodar State University, Russia 


My Therapeutic Bodywork Teachers, Health Educators and Mentors:

- Magomed Lepshokov, Petr Fedchenko, Petr Sherbatov 

-  Dr. Robert Young Ph.D., Dr. Colin Campbell Ph.D., Bruce Lipton Ph.D., Neal Barnand M.D., 

- Brian Tracy, Dale and Andrew Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, Jim Rohn, Anthony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Dr. Wayne Dyer and some other brilliant people ...     


Associations & Memberships
American Association of Bodywork and Massage Professionals since 1992.

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