Nikolai Shapkun, M.A., M.T.T., C.M.T.
Therapeutic Bodywork Practitioner since 1979
Healthy Living Guide

Leaving healthy and drug free is my motto, and I will be happy to share my knowledge with you.
I support a Food Combining diet. It is proper combination of foods for better digestion, HEALTH and ENERGY.

  • Animal Proteins ( beef, cow’s milk, pork, chicken, eggs, fish ...) if you decide to eat it - goes only with vegetables or by itself.
  • Carbs (potato, rice, bread, pasta) goes only with other vegetables or by itself.
  • Fruits goes only by itself.
  • Eat more green vegetables (anything that has chlorophyll will neutralizes acidity - food to create any disease)
  • Avoid acidic foods and drinks: any animal proteins, sugar, bottle water, sports drinks, alcohol ..., cow's milk, dairy products (cheese, etc), possessed foods...


   Drink plenty of Kangen water


Eat Healthy! Drink Healthy! Stay Healthy!

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