Nikolai Shapkun, M.A., M.T.T., C.M.T.
Therapeutic Bodywork Practitioner since 1979


I started seeing Nikolai approximately 3 years ago. I went to him because I had been suffering of recurrent back problems despite my young age. Before seeing Nikolai, I would have serious back ache every 2-3 weeks. Sometimes the pain would be so bad that I couldn't go to work and I would just stay in bed all day. I often needed cycles of physiotherapy and, as many of you might know, getting a prescription for those cycles was often tedious and would take time (time in which I was in pain!). And then a colleague at work mentioned Nikolai and his “magic massage”. I decided to go and try: at that point I was in an acute phase of pain and I had nothing to lose. Nikolai saw me immediately and gave me a treatment (he always sees you right away if you tell him you are in pain). Before the end of the massage, I was already feeling better. I was so happy! So, at the end of the session I asked Nikolai when I needed to come back for the next treatment. He said: “You don’t really *need* another massage. The pain is gone and you are ok now”. I couldn't believe it: first, he wasn’t trying to get more money out of me; second, he had stopped the pain with only one massage, something that physiotherapy took 4-5 sessions to do! At that point, Nikolai had won my trust. I talked to him about the possibility of doing some maintenance, some regular treatments to keep the pain away in the long term. He suggested I could try keeping my spine aligned with a massage per month. Nikolai believes in prevention, in staying healthy, in taking care of oneself all the time. And that’s what I did. It’s been 3 years now and I never had real back pain again. I have a normal life, I can do sports and lift weights, if necessary. Nikolai saved me when I thought I would just need to accept back pain as part of my life. Thank you, Nikolai. I’ll be always grateful for what you did.

Laura S., San Francisco,CA

Wow, where to start. I have been a patient of Nikolai's for 12 years and have visited his office every two weeks since then. I now not only consider him my Doctor, but also a dear friend. It has been a life changing experience for me. I had suffered from chronic back pain for years prior to using Nikolai, and now do not know how I would exist with out him. He has enabled me to live a strong, healthy and pain-free life.I take great joy and pride in recommending him to my friends and family. His knowledge and desire are immeasurable!

Harry R. San Francisco, CA


I know Nikolai for many years. His professional demeanor as a Massage Therapist is outstanding. Nikolai's massage style is so unique and unusual. I benefit from it tremendously and you will too. I highly recommend Nikolai's massage services. Call today, schedule a session and experience healing hands of a true Master. You'll be glad you did.

Tatiana S.   S.F. Bay Area, CA

God Bless Nikolai and his therapeutic, positive, holistic and healing skills! Nikolai has been keeping me whole for the last thirteen years. Were it not for his skills and advice my life would be much different. He not only fixes me when I'm really hurting, his well founded advice, if followed, prevents the minor aches and pains of my life from becoming major and debilitating. Nikolai's skills and objectives are to "fix you" and to "make you whole" so your body can heal and take care of itself from that point forward. In this objective he succeeds unbelievably well. But, sometimes Nikolai makes me feel so good, and well, and positive that I think I can do quite well without his periodic attentions. This is when I postpone his services, or disregard his good advice, and someone must carry me to his offices for emergency or remedial treatments. His combination of Eastern and Western therapies are unique, involving mind, body and regimen. If you listen carefully, and follow his advice, he will get you past your immediate back or joint pains to an integrated life-plan that will restore and maintain your balanced physical and mental health. Obviously, I couldn't get along without Nikolai's assistance and I recommend his services without reservation.

Katia M.  Dixon, CA

I don’t know what I would do without Nikolai. I credit him for walking upright.  I look forward to my treatments every 3 weeks and wish I could do it more often.

Nicole Kaneko Burak  S.F. Bay Area, CA

Every time I get an injury (sports) or just don't feel right, Nikolai is my Guy for past 8 years.
All I can say, Nikolai has got the magic touch and he knows his stuff.
I come in pain and leave feeling like a new person.  (I drive from San Jose)
He is very flexible and very accommodating!!! 
Thank You Nikolai for all Your hard work!!! I don't know what I would do without You!!!
Tatyana B. CA, San Jose

Nikolai is one of the most skilled massage therapists there are. I have been a client for 7 years now. It started as a referral from a friend when I was suffering from a debilitating lower back pain.  Through several weeks of almost daily massage and spinal alignment Nikolai helped me regain function in my lower back without the need for surgery.

I have been on a maintenance massage program ever since and feel good. I also value his overall nutritional and health tips and a great sense of humor.

Eva, San Francisco, CA

I have been using Nikolai’s services for over 15 years with great success.  When I first started to have my lower back problems, someone recommended Nikolai to me.  In just a few visits, my situation improved from being very painful to virtually not experiencing any pain at all.  I have been coming to Nikolai with all kinds of major and minor problems for years and every time I felt great improvement after just a few visits. My job requires sitting all day long and I do not know what I would do without my regular maintenance visits to Nikolai.

Simon S., Palo Alto, CA

Nikolai is a great professional who helped me to overcome back pain problems and without any doubt one the best massage therapist I have ever known. 

Igor Vayner,  San Francisco, CA

I’ve had problems with my spine for a long time, so I have a lot of experience with deferent kind of therapy.  A great number of therapists have claimed to be able to help me, but through my exploits, I have learned not to trust my back to just anyone.  I had tried to find a good specialist through my friends, and after time I had been recommended to Nikolai.  Comparing him to my previous experience, I can say that Nikolai is a real professional and a man of dedication to helping people lead healthy and happy lifestyles.

Elena Ivanova, South San Francisco, CA

I've been going to see Nikolai for 5 years. I herniated L-5 25 years ago and my neck in high school.  When ever I re-injure myself, I know I can get instant relief with him. I also see him just to reduce stress and tension. I have recommended many friends and family members to him. Don't hesitate. Go. 

JOHN M. RUNFOLA, San Francisco, CA

I first started treatment with Nikolai about ten years ago for serious lower back pain that had plagued me most of my life. He was able to relieve the pain I was experiencing on the first visit, which no chiropractor or doctor had ever been able to do. I have continued treatment twice a month since then and I am always amazed at his competence and care in discovering and treating problems in my back, knees and general well being. I consider my visits an important aspect of my overall health.

Andy P. San Francisco, CA

Nikolai is a great massage therapist who has an awareness of the body and really understands how to promote healing within it. I am using his amazing skills for more then 7 years now and really happy with results. I'd highly recommend him to anybody who wants to make the life much more comfortable and pain free. 

Mark S., San Francisco

I was referred to Nikolai by a friend at the time of my hip injury. I had a big bruise and everything was hurting. Nikolai did wonders, and after only one session I felt so much better! Nikolai is very talented, experienced, friendly and professional. I have been going to see Nikolai for 2 years now, and his fast response, weekend and late hours availability, and the results you can feel immediately have been nothing, but a great experience every time! Thanks, Nikolai and I see you soon.

Yulia G., San Francisco




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