Nikolai Shapkun, M.A., M.T.T., C.M.T.
Therapeutic Bodywork Practitioner since 1979
Health Benefits of Fresh Kangen Water

Neutralize Acids - Keep pH balance to prevent any illnesses

·     Neutralize free radicalsprevent cancer

·     Hydrate and clean your body on cellular levelremove toxins, prevent headaches, migraines …

·     Improve immune systemkeep you Healthy

·     Anti-inflammatory prevent arthritis, gout

·     Anti-agingkeep you Young (very hydrated) …

·     Reduce cholesterolprevent clogged arteries

·     Balance blood pressuresprevent heart attacks, strokes

·     Improve digestions cleans your gut, boost your metabolism

·     Support weight management prevent obesity

·     Have more energy and much more …


Kangen Water Change people's Life!!!

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